A global sustainable corporation that focuses on Green & Luxury Construction Buildings, Land Planning & Zoning Services, Architectural Services, Energy & Water Resource Management Services, Engineering & Design Services, and green economy.

We are a US based global corporation that builds sustainable and luxury construction to save human lives from natural…

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    • BHP Builds Green and Sustainable construction that will protect human life in a natural disasters.

    We are experts in Luxury Residential and Commercial Construction; in addition to providing ancillary services, from Engineering, Architectural, Renewable Energy, Water Management to Land Planning Services in the greater Caribbean, Central America and South America.


    BHP builds Residential High-Rises and Single-Family Homes that exceeds the highest expectations...

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    BHP provides the best-in-class commercial construction. BHP has dedicated and professional staff to...

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    BHP, as a global leader in engineering and design services, work closely with stakeholders to provide...

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