The Bahamas

Bahamas or The Commonwealth of the Bahamas, is an island country consisting of more than 700 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas has become a particularly favorable target for international investment. It has established generous legal incentives to attract foreign investors and has streamlined government bureaucracy for expeditious project approval. The Bahamas possesses an outstanding infrastructure for Residential, Commercial and Industrial activity, and offers a highly-skilled workforce.

Benefits of Investing in the Bahamas

  • Close to key North, Central and South American financial centre
  • Life is less taxing for those who choose to live here. No personal of corporate income taxes and no taxes on capital gains, no inheritance tax, dividends or interest.
  • English-speaking, trained workforce
  • An ideal climate and lifestyle with modern infrastructure and world-class communications
  • Stable economy

We construct residential dwellings of any size from 700 square feet, 1 bedroom retirement house to 50 bedrooms, 150,000 square feet mansion. However, we can build Apartments, Hotels & Motels, Offices, Restaurants, Cemeteries, Condominiums, Townhouses, Churches, Schools, Airports, and Bridges. In addition we provide Land Planning & Zoning Services, Engineering & Design Services, Educational Services, Renewable Energy & Water Management Services, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Products & Services we offer in The Bahamas

House Construction Apartment Construction Hospital Construction Land Planning Services Renewable Energy Solution
Villa Construction Townhouse Construction Church Construction Zoning Districts Mapping Education System
Mansion Construction Hotel Construction School Construction GIS Services Comprehensive Planning
Retail Construction Office Building Construction Orphanage Construction Infrastructure Design Water Management Design
Restaurant Construction Condominium Construction Solar Farm Construction Water Plant Design Mixed-Used Development

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