January 12, 2010 earthquake killed over 300,000 people and left more than 1.5 million homeless. Little less than 600,000 people are now living in makeshift camps in the capital, while over 482,000 have moved north and westwards, with 80 percent staying with friends and relatives. Budget Housing International is working diligently to prevent another disastrous event such as January 12, 2010 through our construction and services. Our construction meets and exceeds international, North America, and European design standards.

Goals and Objective for Haiti:

  • Provide adequate opportunities for development of private housing;
  • Develop new areas with required infrastructure and facilities;
  • Provide modern improved infrastructure facilities in the areas of health and sanitation, roads, education, water supply and power;
  • Introduce a modern town planning system for overall development;
  • Restore and upgrade places of cultural and heritage importance;
  • Restore and develop community assets;
  • Restore people’s economic livelihood by various means including setting up of training institutions for skill development;
  • Reconstruct settlements with the advice of qualified and experienced scientists, Geologists, seismologists, engineers and town planners.
  • Focused on new settlements must focus on decentralize Port-au-Prince and provide encouragement for a foreign company’s development of a textile manufacturing plant in the countryside.
  • Provide opportunity for unskilled labor to skilled labor
  • Provide financing for new residential and commercial constructions

You are a successful Haitian living in the USA, Canada and France. You want to retire to Haiti, or you want to invest in your future. BHP will construct either a residential home built to the United States Hurricane Standard or a commercial property that will benefit you or your family members. Help us improve the living standard of Haiti by building through Budget Housing International. Each project we get improves the living standard for people of Haiti and reduce the pressure on the environment and on you. By serving you, Budget Housing International provides training, general education, provides jobs, improve lifestyles and augments the local and regional economy.

Furthermore, Haiti is a great place to invest for your future. Haiti has a free-market economy with low-cost labor, a pro-business government, and capital demands that will continue to increase for the foreseeable future.

  • Over $10 billion of foreign assistance has been pledged to help rebuild the country
  • World-class pristine beaches and 1,700km (1,100 miles) of coastline
  • Natural sea ports at Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haitien, Gonaives, and Jacmel
  • Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) offered over $2.2 billion alone for recovery and development projects
  • Over 3000 non-government organizations (NGOs) are operating in Haiti providing much needed support services
  • United States HOPE and HELP Acts will help rebuild Haiti’s diminished garment industry
  • Copious, untapped mineral deposits of bauxite, copper, gold and calcium carbonate
  • Young, low-cost labor – median age is 21 years old

Products & Services we offer in Haiti

House Construction Apartment Construction Hospital Construction Land Planning Services Renewable Energy Solution
Villa Construction Townhouse Construction Church Construction Zoning Districts Mapping Education System
Mansion Construction Hotel Construction School Construction GIS Services Comprehensive Planning
Retail Construction Office Building Construction Orphanage Construction Infrastructure Design Water Management Design
Restaurant Construction Condo Building Construction Solar Farm Construction Water Plant Design Mixed-Used Development

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