Jamaica has one of the most appealing natural beauty and captivating culture. Jamaica is seeking to transform its business landscape to accommodate more international players seeking to locate their operations to a pro-business destination that offers a strong competitive advantage through unique raw material inputs, strategic market access and lower operational costs. Investment opportunities are also available in traditional sectors like Agribusiness, Mining, Energy and Manufacturing, as well as exciting areas like Logistics, Medical Tourism, and the Animation arts, one of the many expressions of Jamaica’s rich Creative Industries.

BHP constructs residential dwellings of any size from 700 square feet, 1 bedroom retirement house to 50 bedrooms, 150,000 square feet mansion. However, we can build Apartments, Hotels & Motels, Offices, Restaurants, Cemeteries, Condominiums, Townhouses, Churches, Schools, Airports, and Bridges. In addition we provide Land Planning & Zoning Services, Engineering & Design Services, Educational Services, Renewable Energy & Water Management Services, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

To the global investor community, Jamaica is the third largest English-speaking country in the Western Hemisphere offering:

  • Well-developed infrastructure with world-class highways, airports and seaports
  • Robust and redundant telecommunications infrastructure
  • Vibrant and stable democracy with elections held every five years
  • Strong air connectivity – Frequent flights to major gateways worldwide
  • Impressive sea connectivity – #1 transshipment port in the region
  • Near shore advantage – Located within a 4-hour flight radius of 500 million people

Products & Services we offer in Jamaica

House Construction Apartment Construction Hospital Construction Land Planning Services Renewable Energy Solution
Villa Construction Townhouse Construction Church Construction Zoning Districts Mapping Education System
Mansion Construction Hotel Construction School Construction GIS Services Comprehensive Planning
Retail Construction Office Building Construction Orphanage Construction Infrastructure Design Water Management Design
Restaurant Construction Condominium Construction Solar Farm Construction Water Plant Design Mixed-Used Development

    BHP builds luxury and sustainable American& International standard residential construction...

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    Green Community Development or Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a large, integrated development...

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    Luxury interior finishes is our promise to you. You deserve the best and when you build with BHP...

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