Reasons for BHP


Our goal is to build the highest quality of Sustainable construction to save human lives from natural disasters, along with providing ancillary services to individual clients, faith based originations, NGOs and Governmental agencies around the corner or to the end of the earth.

Who We Are:

We are a US based global corporation that builds sustainable and luxury construction to save human lives from natural disasters while providing Engineering & Design Services, Land Planning Services, Real Estate Services, Architectural Services, Water Management Services, Capacity Planning Services, Capacity Development Services and Renewable Energy Services in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama, Belize, Jamaica, The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao),Central America, South America, the Greater Caribbean and beyond. We are a team of Professional Architects, Engineers, Land-Use Planners, Urban Planners, Environmentalists, Designers, Contractors, Surveyors, LEED Accredited Professionals, Land Surveyors, Horticulturalist, Hydrologist, Educators, and Economists. Each project receives a comprehensive review from different professionals that incorporate key elements therefore each project becomes truly sustainable.

BHP Benefits:

Our business model is to build high quality American standard construction at a competitive rate while offering ancillary services in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America on clients’ land. Budget Housing Program takes care of clients’ total needs from the initial phase of preconstruction to completion. No longer will people have to manage construction projects thousands of miles away while burning through their money and time. We provide a centralized system to alleviate our clients from the typical stress of building projects overseas.

Our projects ,with no regard to geographical location come fully equipped with American standard amenities and high-end finishes. In general BHP construction can withstand typical natural disasters ranging from hurricanes, floods to earthquakes and anything in between. We promote eco-friendly construction, green lifestyles and luxurious living. Each construction includes the expertise of a dedicated LEED Accredited Professional to make sure such construction does not adversely affect local, regional, and national resources while creating healthier more comfortable, low-maintenance and more energy-efficient homes.

BHP guarantees consistency in standardization in quality, amenities, guidelines, and finishes in all our construction. Although we operate in many countries and plan to expand to even more countries and continents; through the use of technology, education, open communication, and our intense passion for changing our world for the better, BHP operates like an efficient well oiled machine. We operate as if we are all under one roof.

Our clients appreciate and admire the fact that geographical location is not a factor for BHP. We guarantee the same consistency in standard no matter the locality. Our clients know exactly what they are going to get whenever ,wherever.

BHP is an innovative brand known for great service, high quality construction, high-end finishes, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly, elegant, and cost efficient everywhere in the Caribbean and Latin America people can trust and rely on.

A home is a first line of defense

A home is a first line of defense against natural and unnatural disasters ; a badly built home is a weapon against its owner. Every year natural disasters mostly (Hurricanes & Earthquakes,) and poor construction standards cause countless destruction worth well over $100,000,000 and kill hundreds of people across the Caribbean and Latin America.

In addition, the lack of adequate housing is a problem throughout Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). Almost 40 percent of families in the region live in a house beyond repair, have no title, or lack water, sewerage, electricity, adequate building materials, or space. It is estimated that by 2015, that number will increase by 10 percent. Only an investment of at least $310 billion will close the region’s current housing gap, that is 7.8 percent of LAC’s GDP.

The social benefits of building houses extend well beyond the physical advantages of increasing space and adding securely built structures. Existing studies reveal a positive correlation between improved housing and family health, children’s education, and a family’s overall well-being. Moreover, a home is the greatest asset owned by most families, providing financial security as well as the potential for income (via rental or home-based business activity), financial leveraging, or resale.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, majority of families housing are built informally, without technical designs, compliance with construction codes or urban development guide -lines, professional oversight, or formally-trained labor. Low-income families, seeking to keep costs low, find it hard to justify the added expense of paying for technical plans and oversight. As a consequence, construction is often poorly designed in terms of the use of space, lighting, and, more importantly, structural soundness. This is particularly critical in geographic areas that face the risk of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods.

Additionally, these families tend to purchase construction materials in small quantities and stockpile them informally until they have enough to undertake a project. The quality of these supplies varies widely, and poor storage practices result in a high percentage of damage and loss. Labor is frequently provided by family members, friends, or someone within their network of trusted acquaintances, rather than by persons with professional qualifications. Thus, the construction quality of a vast majority of families homes ultimately rests in the hands of these informally trained builders.

The reason BHP existing is:

  • Because we believe in change,
  • We want to challenge the STATUS-QUO, the NAYSAYERS, and the current DOGMA.
  • We care to defy those who say “it can’t be done”
  • We believe in saving human life from natural disasters.
  • We believe in equal opportunity for all people to have the hope of providing for their love ones and help their neighborhoods.
  • We believe in standing for those who cannot stand, speaking for those who have no voice, and loving those who have no hope.
  • We stand for humanity, innovations, elegance, and change.
  • We believe in the right of global economic opportunity, social growth, and environmental sustainability.
  • We believe people transcend race, gender, and geographical location, therefore they should have an opportunity to pursue their dreams.
  • And we believe in YOU as individuals and as a community.

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