Residential Construction

image1You have a home and a life style you love in the USA, Europe, and Canada but your heart remains in your homeland in the Caribbean or Latin America. Our aim is to have you live the same luxurious lifestyle you want in your native country. Let BHP build you a sustainable luxury home in the Caribbean, Central or South America. We build sustainable luxury American Standard homes ranging from 1 bedroom 600 square feet retirement homes to 45 bedrooms 150,000 square feet mansions in Haiti,Panama, Belize, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao),Central America, South America, the Greater Caribbean and beyond. Our team of professionals consists of Architects, Engineers, Land-Use Planners, Urban Planners, Environmentalists, Designers, Contractors, Surveyors, LEED Accredited Professionals, Land Surveyors, Horticulturalist, Hydrologists, Educators, and Economists. Each project receives a comprehensive review from our different processionals that incorporates key elements therefore making your home truly sustainable.
WOur homes come fully equipped with American standard amenities and high-end finishes. In general, BHP construction can withstand typical natural disasters ranging from Hurricanes to Earthquakes and anything in between. We promote eco-friendly construction, green lifestyle and luxurious living. Each construction include the expertise of a dedicated LEED Accredited Professional to make sure such construction does not adversely affect local, regional, and national resources while creating healthier, more comfortable, low-maintenance and more energy-efficient homes.

No two homes are alike, we customize the floor plan per your specification while adhering to the American zoning code and international standard. We have over 500 different construction models ranging from 1 to 10 stories, with or without garages, with or without a basement. We work for you as our client and we can design and build your dream home to exceed your expectations.

Our endeavor is to have you live a luxurious lifestyle by building you a sustainable luxury home in the Caribbean, Central America or South America. Homes are more than just shelter from the elements. Homes are the most important buildings in our lives, BHP homes are built to be healthy, providing clean indoor air and incorporating safe building materials to ensure a comfortable home. Our homes also use less energy and water which means lower utility bills each month; BHP green homes are now selling quicker and for more money than comparable non-green homes. We take in consideration Energy Saving, Water Saving, Site impact, Low Impact Materials and Indoor Air Quality on each construction.

High-End Residential Construction

image1BHP builds luxury and sustainable American & International standard residential construction. Each home comes with a wealth of professional inputs ranging from LEED Accredited Professionals to Architects, Engineers, Geologist, Horticulturalist, General Contractors, and more. Our high-end residential construction projects range from 750 to 150,000 square feet of intellectual elegance. From the white and airy living room with unlimited skylights and inside-outside gas fireplace, to library with built-in millwork; you deserve a house that comes with American amenities which include but not limited to: Foundation Wall, Raised Slab, Standard Plumbing, Standard Electrical, Drainage System, Standard Well System, Landscaping, Parking, A/C System, Finished Kitchen and Bathrooms, High-End Tiles etc. At no additional cost in the Caribbean, Central America, and South America.

BHP Construct Planned Unit development (PUD)

image1Green Community Development or Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a large, integrated development, developed under unified control according to a master plan, and located on a single (or contiguous) tract of land. For affordability, Community fellowship, Investments Opportunity, Security, and Living a Luxurious Lifestyle, a Planned Unit Development maybe the right option for you. This type of construction ranges from 20 to 50,000 residential dwelling units. Depending on size, BHP designs and builds PUDs with a mixture of nonresidential land uses such as retail, offices, schools, governmental centers, employment centers, restaurants, libraries, churches, recreation facilities, green spaces, and providing broader housing choices like apartments, condominium and townhouses; therefore allowing for more compact development, permanently preserving common open spaces like parks and designated preservation areas, therefore reducing vehicle trips, and providing pedestrian and bicycle facilities this improve people’s lives and accommodate environmental and scenic attributes. BHP also incorporates many other principles when designing, building, and maintaining a PUD; Some of which embody social, economic, biophysical and technical. In addition to: resident comfort and health, energy efficient living, healthy living environment, industrial renewable energy, and water conservation.

High-End Interiors

Luxury interior finishes is our promise to you. You deserve the best and when you build with BHP, we work tirelessly to deliver the best in life. Our interiors are meticulously designed to your specifications from paint color to crown-molding, raised paneling and trace-ceiling. Our interior finishes also include these following principles: reduction of carbon emission, water conservation, energy saving, indoor environmental safety (superb air quality), and optimal uses of the sun positioning, high-end performance and moisture resistant homes.


    BHP builds luxury and sustainable American& International standard residential construction...

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    Green Community Development or Planned Unit Development (PUD) is a large, integrated development...

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    Luxury interior finishes is our promise to you. You deserve the best and when you build with BHP...

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