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We are a transnational organization that builds sustainable construction to save human life from natural disasters and provide engineering, land planning, architectural, water management, and renewable energy services in Haiti, Panama, Belize, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao), Central America, South America, the Greater Caribbean and beyond. We are a team of Professional Architects, Engineers, Land-Use Planners, Urban Planners, Environmentalist, Designers, Contractors, Surveyors, LEED Accredited Professionals, Land Surveyor, Horticulturalists, Hydrologists, Educators, and Economists. Each project receives a comprehensive review from our different professionals that incorporate key elements thus each development becomes truly sustainable.

Our prime objective is to combine luxury and elegance with sustainability and functionality in the construction process to build a home that exceeds your expectations. We also provide Capacity Planning Services, Capacity Development Services, Land Planning Services, Engineering Services, Architectural Services, Design Services, Water Resource Management Services, and Renewable Energy Services to individual clients, governments, and non-profit organizations. We support and strengthen governments and organizations’ ability to effectively and efficiently design, implement and evaluate development activities according to its mission and to augment ongoing processes by which people and systems operating within a dynamic contexts, enhance their abilities to develop and implement strategies in pursuit of their objectives for increased performance in a sustainable way.

We help local municipalities, regional, state, and democracies to develop:

Budget Housing Program International has offices or is in the process of establishing additional offices in United States of America, Canada, Haiti, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Panama, Belize, US Virgin Islands, The ABC Islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao), parts of Central America, South America and more. We provide the comfort, security and amenities of the United States in the referenced countries listed above. Our customers never have to leave the comfort of luxury living even though they no longer reside in United States, Canada, Europe or other advanced countries.

Mission: BHP puts emphasizes on revitalization and renewal of the human potential through a holistic restoration process. We implement Environmental Stewardship (ES) by recognizing and revitalizing the earth through our projects in planning, design, finance, community commerce, renewable energy, and policy consulting. Our objective is to research, develop and fund projects that will allow our elected officials and cities to save tax dollars, strengthen our state’s economy and create jobs.

Furthermore, through the integration of our tools of revival we will reduce barriers to citizens that may not have any access to funding or technology while providing incentives to increase energy efficiency in power and fuel consumption while identifying a reduction in spending. Some key benefits provided by our accomplished mission will be economic stimulus to such area and beyond, identifiable proactive ally in the reduction of CO2 emissions, carbon footprint, and a true realization of sustainable development implementation.

This agency also employs Environmental Stewardship (ES) practices by acknowledging our terrestrial environment is being modified in ways that will be detrimental to our wellbeing. We modeled after the Sustainability Revolution, which encourages design and businesses to mimic natural systems thereby craft efficient design of production and consumption which eliminates the concept of waste through our projects in planning, design, finance, community commerce, renewable energy, and policy consulting. Our objective is to reach-out to churches, governmental parties and other not-for-profit (community) to assist designing and implementing growth management procedures and development expansion. This will be done through the coordination of Governmental Agencies, NGOs, Faith Based Entities and Civic Groups business development boards.

Invest in the Caribbean and Latin America

There are many reasons to invest in the Caribbean and Latin America. The most obvious reasons are as follow:

  • Ideal Location, the Caribbean is located in the centre of the Americas, the Caribbean provides the advantage of easy access to markets in the North, South and Central America and serves as a bridge to the markets in Europe.
  • Openness to trade, countries in the Caribbean and Latin America have preferential access to some of the largest markets in the world.
  • Modern Infrastructure, Electricity and water supply is constant and affordable. Telecommunications and broadband internet access is available and a ready supply of natural gas can also be easily accessed from within the Region. Land and office space are available at cost-effective rates.
  • Economic & Political Stability, The Caribbean and Latin America are known for their stable democracies and economic development. This provides the assurance of a secure location to do business and raise families.
  • Diverse Investment Opportunities, from tourism to information communications technology/business process outsourcing, financial services, agribusiness and the creative industries the Caribbean and Latin America is the best location for investments with significantly high return.

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